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What is NITROvit?.

NITROvit is a nootropic, also known as a cognitive enhancer, which was formulated and created by the geniuses behind Neuro Laboratories, as a solution to a problem: the lack of a truly effective and efficient solution to a demand for an increase in mental ability.

What you really need to know behind the story of NITROvit is that we are like you too. We were looking for the best solution out there that could not only aid in the neurological processes in the brain – optimizing focus, clarity, and learning capabilities – but that could also limit the effects of ADD/ ADHD (which admittedly, some of us were suffering from). Alas, this solution was not present in the market at that time. We had to make it ourselves. It was not simply a business model, but our own personal solution.

NITROvit is the amazing culmination of years of research and hard work, with the help of the speeding advancements of neuroscience and modern medicine. The result was something we didn’t expect. It was something that came to revolutionize the brain enhancement world as we know it – something quite extraordinary.

NITROvit for enhanced Focus, Clarity and Energy

How does NITROvit work?.

The success behind NITROvit could largely be put down to the choice of ingredients used in its formula, and the effects on the brain and body that each of those individual ingredients offer.

Neuro Laboratories’ many years of extensive research, rigorous testing, and a dash or two of luck, the combination of some of Planet Earth’s finest medicinal herbs, coupled with cutting-edge synthetics has proven to have created the potent Cognitive Super Vitamin we have lovingly come to call NITROvit.

For a more in-depth look at each ingredient within the NITROvit formula, and how that particular ingredient will benefit your brain function and health, both immediately and long term, please click here.

What are the benefits of NITROvit?.

Benefit processor like brain speed, optimized mental drive and develop laser focus with NITROvit

For the best results possible, take two capsules of NITROvit a day.

NITROvit offers the following to its users:

  • Increased mental focus and concentration.
  • Improved memory and learning capabilities.
  • Improved clarity and alertness.
  • Slowed cognitive decline.
  • Clean mental energy boost.
  • Enhanced sleep and mood.

When will the results of taking NITROvit begin to show?.

Some of the effects will demonstrate almost immediately, but some of the other effects are more noticeable after prolonged, continuous use.

If you’ve been reading reviews of certain products via Amazon or other supplement shops, you might notice that some products immediately get bad reviews after being tried after a day. Please note that each person’s body does not respond to NITROvit and other nootropics in the same way. In some, the effects might be evident almost immediately after the first capsule. However, you might also go weeks without seeing results.

This is due to some ingredients needing time for the effects to build up to be noticeable. You might experience focus right away, but if you’re expecting increased learning capabilities on day one, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Scientifically, 12 weeks is the optimal amount of time to test a nootropic substance before gauging and coming to a conclusive answer.

Where is NITROvit manufactured? Is it FDA Approved? and what is a GMP certification?.

NITROvit and all associated products are manufactured in the US under a certified good manufacturing practices (cGMP) laboratory adhering to strict FDA guidelines. The laboratory in which NITROvit is built has achieved several of the industry’s widely recognized industry awards and accolades, including the Three Time Inc. 500 Award. It is the uncompromising efforts that go into the creation of NITROvit which gives it its highly reputable name today.

Rest assured, NITROvit’s manufacturing process ensures that each and every batch of NITROvit sent out is free of impurities and defects, do not make any sacrifices in quality, and do not only meet industry standards, but exceed them.

NITROvit is currently a non-prescription dietary supplement, and therefore, is not required to be reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Despite this, NITROvit is manufactured to the highest quality with accordance to the strict good manufacturing practices (GMP) required by FDA standards.

There is only one certification that will ensure that your brain supplements, or any supplement for that matter, are made to the strict standards and regulations of the US. This certification is GMP, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. The GMP certification refers specifically to the standard of quality and safety regulations a pharmaceutical drug or supplement is manufactured under.

It assures that every bottle manufactured is made in a clean, hygienic facility; environmental conditions are controlled and maintained to limit the risks cross-contamination; operators are trained well in the fine details of carrying out GMP processes, and that the ingredients you pay for are the ingredients you get – no sacrifices in quality.

cGMP BadgeAlways make sure that you are getting your supplements from a GMP-certified facility, by identifying this badge.

Is NITROvit All Natural? Are there any side effects?.

All natural ingredients sound like a traditional ayavedic medicine coupled with the latest advances in modern medicine. Our refusal to go fully synthetic and/or fully natural has allowed us to create what is widely becoming known as the most potent and the most result-oriented formula on the market available off-prescription.

NITROvit ingredients have been expertly selected to be the most potent and of high quality to support maximum growth and optimization in the brain. In line with this, another criteria for our selection is the use of ingredients that show the least to no side effects at all, as backed up by clinical studies and research.

Years of Neuro Laboratories’ neurological and medicinal research and dedication have been passionately spent to create what we believe to be the perfect brain enhancer, that will not only produce the best results, but will also take the lowest toll on your body. We are extremely proud to say that at our prescribed dosage, NITROvit will demonstrate no side effects.

60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.

NITROvit is built in a certified G.M.P Laboratory in the USA for quality assurances, and it’s backed by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If any of our products leave you anything other than completely satisfied, simply return unopened bottles within 60 days for a full refund (less shipping and handling).

NITROvit 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.

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